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​*The discounts/contents on this website are not applicable to the purchase of fitness equipment.

Welcome to place your order through IG / Whatsapp / Website.

How to buy through the website?

1. After submitting the order, the system will send a confirmation email to you immediately (Please make sure your email is correct).

2. Please make payment according to the PayMe / FPS number on the email and take a screenshot after paid.

3. Please send us the receipt, order number via WhatsApp.

4. The items will be sent to you within 2-5 working days after confirming your order.

*Please Enter "0000" for the Zip Code when filling the Check Out List.


You can also place your order through IG / Whatsapp.

Our WhatsApp: 9628 0445

Pick up at SF Express Point

The shipping fee to SF Express pick-up point is HKD $30.

Home Delivery

If you choose door-to-door delivery, the delivery fee will be collected by "Cash on Delivery".

Delivery time

The shipment will be sent within 2-5 working days after you have paid and provided the SF Express Pickup Point Code.

Payment Method

For the time being, only PayMe/FPS payments are accepted. The credit card payment function is in preparation.


PayMe / FPS account number will be provided on the order confirmation email (Please make sure you enter the correct email).

*If you do not receive the confirmation email after submitting the order, please contact us on WhatsApp: 9628 0445.

Terms and conditions
1. All completed payment orders are regarded as confirmed orders.

2. We do not accept cancellation/change orders after completed payment.
3. If the consignee's information is incorrect, the consignee is not picked up in time, or the consignee is not present, which results in additional delivery times or failure to deliver, the buyer shall bear the additional freight.
4. Orders returned to the company due to the above problems will be regarded as abandoned orders and no refunds will be provided.
5. The product pictures are for reference only. Due to the personal computer screen, the color and texture of the product may be subject to error, please refer to the actual product.
6. The product content/introduction/inventory provided on the website may not be updated on time, everything is subject to actual conditions. If you have any questions, please check with us first.
7. If you are sensitive to a certain type of food, please evaluate whether the product is suitable for you before buying. We will not bear any responsibility. If you have any questions about product materials, please consult us first.
8. The delivery date provided by the company is for reference only, and everything is subject to the logistics company.
9. The customer shall bear the risks during the delivery of the goods.
10. In case of any dispute, we reserve the right of final decision.

Goods return
1. Due to food hygiene and safety reasons, all products cannot be returned or exchanged. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

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